Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Living in New York can give you some perspective on things. I'm not talking about some world shattering perspective about the human race or anything, simply about how people interact. I was sitting on the Subway (D train for those who care) on my way back from a concert in SOHO, when I realized that in a short span of time I had seen so many cultures interacting. I was in SOHO, having just walked through Chinatown, eating dinner in Little Italy, while sitting next to a jewish rabbi reading a russian science book. Only then did I realize how much America really doesn't suck. For the last 9 months all i've heard from the media and politicians is how screwed up America has become. How we've let the deficit run wild, the economy spin out of control, innocent soldiers die in a country they have no business in, etc. etc. etc. Well I'm here to tell you not to get all in a fuss. Yes, perhaps we aren't perfect (shocker, i know) but we are far from being nothing more than a money/oil hungry superpower pushing the world around and leaving its people desperate and in disarray. We are a Melting Pot (see 6th grade social studies book fro reference). We have every ethnicity and nearly every country represented inside our borders (hell, maybe even the borders of New York City). And you want to know why...because within these borders lies more opportunity than anywhere else in this world. Because here cultures coexist in the midst of their differences. And here everyone has something to offer everyone else. All Men Are Created Equal...meaning everyone is on a level playing field. No one race or people group is higher than any other, only side by side in search of something special, something everyone comes to America in search of...their own American Dream. I'll never say that America sucks, because for all her imperfections she is and will always be America, The Beautiful