Saturday, February 6, 2010


Ok, so I might be a junkie. It seems that everything that i've ever wanted to do (i.e. when I grow up) involves being famous. Not necessarily "red carpet" or headline news famous, although that would be cool too, but famous enough for people who shouldn't otherwise know my name or anything about me to say "Hey, you're Collin McHugh aren't you?" First (and still) I wanted to be a Big League baseball star. I wanted to play Major league baseball, but I wanted more than that, I wanted to be the BEST. Call it a fault, but i've always been pretty ambitious. "Okay" was never really good enough for me. I mean, i've not been the best at everything I do, but not for lack of trying. I hate to say it, and I'm kinda bushing as I type, but I'm the guy who (when nobody's watching) will google my name to see if anybody is saying anything about me. No, the answer is most often, No. But that's all just fuel for the fire, my friends. And truth be told, I'm getting closer every day to being Famous.

Most of it has to do with my insanely talented wife, Ashley. She is one of those people that can do, well, anything really. These are the reasons she will be famous before me, allowing me to ride her coattails to the top:
-She can sew
-She can knit & crochet
-She can cook (like, for real)
-She can do calligraphy
-She can draw & paint & design
-She can weld (bad ass)
-She uses Illustrator & Photoshop like a third hand
-She's hardworking, driven, and legitimately good (maybe even great) at all the things above

Anyway, all of this has culminated in her new small business venture, BuzzyCraftery. Check out her Blog and see some of the things she's been working on. She's currently working on wedding invitations and stationary, so if your needs meet her talents, feel free to contact her on the blog, facebook (ashley buzzy mchugh), or twitter (arbuzzy) to get things started.

This woman is going places, and I'm pumped to be a part of it! If your fame fetish is anything like mine, you'll want to get to know Ashley so you can say "I knew her when", and feel that much closer to famous.


  1. I love the passion you have for fame. I think being famous or even demanding for fame isnt a bad thing. May the force be with you and you achieve your dreams.

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