Sunday, March 14, 2010

Keep It Simple Stupid

Dwight: Michael says K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid. Best advice he ever gave me. Hurts my feelings every time. - Rainn Wilson (The Office)

It makes sense. The simpler things are the easier they are to achieve. So why is it that Baseball, a simple game in reality, can become the more complicated than my 2010 taxes? I spent the last 2 days researching how to file my taxes this year now that I am married. It took me about 10 google searches and 45 minutes. Simple. Now I am capable of doing something that has put thousands of people (see Al Capone) in jail for not doing correctly. Ironically, today I managed to make a game that 4 year olds play, a game that has been played by millions for over 100 years, miserably difficult.

I threw my first Live Batting Practice today. Simple. You take the ball and throw it across that plate for a strike. No pressure, no game situations, no real consequences, no problem, right? Wrong. I was in my head from the get-go. I was given 25 pitches to live hitters to get a feel for seeing batters before our first game. Overthrow, make adjustment. Off balance, make adjustment. Drop my elbow, make adjustment...I know all the fixes for all the mechanical things I could possibly do wrong. The problem is that when I turn around, i've already thrown 25 pitches and none of them were good because I was always making adjustments for the last one. Complicated. 

I can pitch, my wife told me so tonight. My pitching coach told me after I threw. My parents told me when I was 10. I know I can pitch. But my problem has always been out-thinking myself on the hill. The truth is that guys who simply know they can pitch and do so without thinking about why or how they're so good, succeed more often and consistently. I have to get past "figuring out how to throw correctly" and get to the point where I can "just pitch". We could all use a little of that in out lives. Keep it simple stupids and "just ______". 

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  1. Good thoughts Collin. I read an article in Malcolm Gladwell's new book where he talks about this very thing. Mentioned how athletes get in trouble when they start over-thinking. Gut/instinct usually better.

    Love your updates...keep em coming!