Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Savannah Update...And Life As Well

"Baseball is like church. Many attend; few understand." - Leo DuRocher

We just finished our 20th game of the season last night. That means we're 1/7 of the way home for the year. Ya, it's a long season. We've managed an 11-9 record up until now and that puts us atop the southern division of the SALLY (South Atlantic) League.  We rarely do the spectacular to win games. A lot of good solid pitching efforts both by our starters and bullpen combined with typically adequate defense and timely hitting usually wins you more than you lose. At least that's the case so far with us pesky Gnats. A couple of guys are standing out on the team for their good CONSISTENT play. Wilmer Flores (ss) and Jimmy Fuller (lhp) are playing above their pay grade right now...which isn't too hard to do with what me make. They are hitting and pitching extremely well respectively, so well in fact, that they shouldn't be around much longer. However, even the Old Testament prophets couldn't foretell who goes up and who stays put, so no promises.

Life is good here in GA. The weather is mild so far and the gnats are biting...typical. It rains just enough to rinse the pollen off my car and return it from its early summer jaundice. We get home late, eat late, stay up late, and sleep late. Luckily for me, I have an amazing wife who I really enjoy spending time with and who, in return, doesn't mind twisting her schedule around to spend her time with me too. We watch a lot of TV on DVD (no cable) and she likes to cook a good bit, so we keep ourselves entertained. Ashley got a job the first day she got here (because she's awesome) working at No. Four Eleven boutique in the Design District downtown. On top of doing some great monogramming and custom sewing work there, she also has her business up and running. Buzzy Craftery is her design blog with some great ideas for fun and cost efficient craft ideas. On the blog you will also find her invitation and stationary samples that she has custom designed for people...they're really great work and in your price range. Away from the field I find myself playing some video games (ugh, it sounds terrible...but they're addictive) and trying to keep up with my friends' lives back home via Facebook and Twitter.

Most of all I'm content. I'm playing a game that I love. I'm getting paid (loosely used) for playing it. I get to spend all my free time with my best friend. I work with 30 other men my age who may very well be the funniest/most ridiculous group of men on the planet. And, though their antics can get out of hand at times, I hear some great stories from them. I don't know if I'm gonna get moved up or around this season, but I am not worried about it. God is bigger than baseball politics and his agenda runs deeper than the Mets' farm system. I'm in good hands.


  1. Good to see the Gnats winning and playing well. This is my 6th year following the Sand Gnats and this team may be better than last years team(which had the best talent of all the teams I watched during the past five years)

  2. Hey Collin,

    Thanks for the follow on Twitter! Excellent outing last night. I know relieving probably isn't your cup of tea but I really thought your stuff played strong out of the pen. Keep up the strong performances!

    Mike Newman