Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ball Four: how I walked the leadoff hitter

I've been reading Ball Four by Jim Bouton, which chronicles his career through the minor and major leagues. It's a mix of baseball humor (both tasteful and crude) and stories about the game told from inside the game...kinda like what I hoped this blog would be. He just does it way better than I do.

6 innings, 4 hits, 1 run (unearned), 2 walks, 7 k's. This might not seem like a lot to someone, but this is a pitching line. A pretty good one I might add. It was mine from the other night (not tooting my own horn) and it felt good to look at it the next day considering all of the problems that I had that night. I walked the first batter of the game, again, worked from behind in the count all night, and only threw 4 changeups the entire evening. Now while that is typically the recipe for a mediocre, if not worse, pitching performance I managed to work my way into that gem of a line. At the end of the night that's all a pitcher wants, a good line. While it is nice to talk about development and getting better, what really gets us going is seeing that the hard work is paying off in visible numbers. 0 earned runs. Let's keep this up and maybe I can join all my friends who are already moved up...woof.

I got the loss. 1-0 is how it ended. The only run of the game came on a two base throwing error by yours truly. I read all the blogs the next day (because i'm that lame guy who still needs to feel special seeing his name in the papers) expecting to be praised for a more than quality outing. No. All I got in each write up was that I threw a ball away that plated the winning run. I lost 1-0!! I guess fielding practice is in my future before I get my literary slap on the rear.

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