Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baseball In Vogue

Today is day one of my new look blog. It needed a bit of a face lift I think. It was getting boring to look at, you know. It's kinda like all of us, every once in a while you just need to get dressed up for no reason whatsoever. At least you can look in the mirror and say "Well that's not boring."

I suppose I should take this opportunity to talk for a bit about baseball player fashion. I try to stay away from it because, well, it's not too interesting. Guys tend to wear the same things partly because of rules and partly because of imagination deficit. The organizational rule used to be collared shirt and pants to the ballpark. It was, I suppose, enacted in order to make us look professional. It took the variables out of the fashion equation so the organization knew what they were getting. However, it also proliferated the theme of treating us like children instead of men like we are. So in this new regime things have been worded differently (if not to the same end). The player's manual now reads "players must arrive at the park and leave in professional attire." Holy Loophole! Guys now arrive at the park in all kinds of outfits. Latin players wear what seems professional to them, Southern boys do the same...both quite different.

For instance, a tight Affliction t shirt and athletic shorts is stylish to some people and style=professional, duh. To others a tucked-in polo shirt, levi's, and sunglasses on a frat strap are professional. The beauty of it is that you can't get busted for it anymore. You can literally wear anything and talk your way into it being "professional". A wife-beater and cargo jorts can be professional as long as you've gelled your hair enough and have a big fat gold chain showing...and a clean pair of kicks.

I very much appreciate this new freedom. It allows me to express myself in a game where the only distinguishing factor on the field is your number. I take pride in my attire and attempt to stand out when possible. I'm no model, but I a firm believer that if you look good you feel good, and if you feel good you play good (or at least better). You always run the risk of being made fun of for sticking out, but the truth is if you're not sticking out, you're blending in and preparing to get lost in the abyss of the minor leagues. Take your chances where you can find them and don't be afraid to look stupid...but at least try to match.


  1. this is my favorite post because it's about you looking good (which you do), you said "holy loophole" and then you said "duh." which we all know is my favorite way to say yes, see: when you proposed.

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