Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Fun Day

So today is Sunday, which means a couple of things. Firstly, it means that we have a "show 'n go". Sundays provide us the opportunity to come to the field without having to take BP, without having to shag (shag means throwing the balls back in when the hitters hit them during batting practice...not the other thing) and without having to run in 100+ degree heat. Day after day we have to come out to the field 5 hrs before the game, stretch , throw, run, fielding practice, and shagging. So Sunday comes along and it's time to relax. Our game starts an hour earlier and we get to show up 2 hours later than we normally's the best. When things in baseball are particularly great ballplayers give them nicknames like "Sunday no run day" "Sunday fun day" or "Show 'n go". They all mean the same thing. They mean that in a season where monotony is an inevitability it's important to appreciate the little not having to run. It also happens to be the day of our Lord, the day of rest, and I can't help but believe God smiles down on Sunday mornings saying "it took you 6 days to go 3-3, and on the seventh you may rest. But it sure would be nice if you could finish the week above .500".

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  1. I hate to be a hater. But I think God looks down and says something more like, "I commanded that this day be a day of rest, and here you are disobeying." Sounds like your working to me. And personally, I don't think God cares about baseball, or any other sport, there never was a mention of it in the Bible. Plus your forsaking the Assembly of God's people (church) in order to pursue a selfish, meaningless activity that does nothing to further God's work here on earth. How many souls have you won to Christ through baseball?

    I know this will go over badly but this irked me.