Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Doldrums

I'm in the middle of my winter training, and while everyone's getting ready for the holidays, I feel stuck.

What I love about being a starting pitcher is the 5 day routine that repeats about 35 times throughout a season. I've talked before about how pitchers (baseballers in general) are creatures of habit. Well, it's hard to stick to a routine knowing that you won't get on a mound for 5 months after the season ends. There are workouts, conditioning, more workouts, 9-5 job, early morning workouts, social get-togethers, and night workouts. There's only one problem with all of that...I don't really enjoy working out.

That's pretty much heresy in the baseball world, but it's true. I don't like lifting heavy things, running long distances, or having an elevated heart rate for more than about 10 minutes. It's probably why I chose baseball over, say, track. I love baseball, but these winter doldrums make it hard to stay motivated. All I really want to do is eat, sleep, and watch good movies these days. Anybody on the same page?

Still, I know that looming on the horizon there is a whole beautiful baseball season just waiting for my "in shape" body to tackle. I guess it's time to get this body "in shape"...ugh.

On a brighter note, Christmas is right around the corner and Christmas music has been ringing in my ears, over the sound of the treadmill. Our tree is up & lighted, and BuzzyCraftery christmas cards are flooding mailboxes everywhere. Perhaps the cure for this cold winter is just a little holiday cheer.

...and a couple extra sit-ups.