Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Training Outings #1 & 2

So I have waited until now to post on my first outings of Spring training. It's not that I'm superstitious, it's just nice to have a larger sample from which to make some observations.

Let's set some scenery for my performances thus far. After the position players got here on March 12 they split us up into four groups. There are 4 long season teams...four groups...you get where I'm going. I was placed in group 2 with most of the AA guys and a few guys slotted for A+ ball this year. In my mind it was pretty clear that I was in the latter category. Still, it was nice to be around some of the older guys in camp and become a sponge. I worked out and threw my bullpens and Live BP sessions with the AA group. I felt pretty good about that.

Onto the actual performances.

2 bullpens. Good command. Good level of effort (no bullpen should be more than 75% in my opinion). Decent action on my pitches, but who cares...it's early.

2 live BP sessions. First time throwing to minor league hitters (I threw to HS hitters before i got to ST. A big thanks to my Providence guys). Anxious to see how hitters would react to my stuff. I was better than I expected to be. Nothing makes you feel better than throwing to hitters who haven't seen live pitching in 6 months. Collin (1) - Hitters (0).

First outing. Against the Florida Marlins AA/A+ team in Jupiter, FL. I have been working on controlling my nerves by controlling my breathing. Long deep breaths. Focus on something small. I took the hill for my first 2 innings of the Spring remarkably calm and confident. My performance reflected the same. 2 innings. 0 runs. 1 hit. 0 BB. 2 K's. I threw all 4 of my pitches for strikes and attacked the hitters early. Oh, and my arm felt good not great.

Second outing. Against the St. Louis Cardinals AA team again in Jupiter, FL (they share a complex down there). This was a true AA team. I have now been bumped to group 3, or the A+ team. They created a 5th group for those players who will be in Extended Spring Training (woof...), so some players got bumped down from each group to more accurately reflect Opening Day rosters. As expected, I was moved to the A+ group. No bitterness. Only contentment. Anyway, it was nice to still pitch against AA hitters even if I wasn't in their group anymore. I had 3 innings this outing and was throwing after my buddy, Brandon Moore. He went his 3 and it was now my turn. 3 innings. 0 hits. 0 runs. 1 BB. 1 HBP. 1 K...Sorry 'bout it.

I'm two outings into camp and feeling very confident in my ability to pitch. More than that, however, I feel very content in the place God has me. He's been teaching my the importance of resting in Him and trusting where I cannot see the end...it's called Faith. I don't claim to be good at it, but I am getting more comfortable with it.

Isaiah 26:15 - "You have enlarged the nation, LORD; you have enlarged the nation. You have gained glory for yourself; you have extended all the borders of the land."

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