Monday, March 28, 2011

Stick Your Landing

When I think of the phrase "stick your landing", I think of Kerri Strug in the Atlanta Olympics. She flew through the air, twisting and turning off of the vault, and landed perfectly on a broken ankle. She stuck it when she had to.

We use this phrase in pitching, too. When a pitcher finishes his delivery and lands out over his front leg, the best case scenario is to stick that landing and let your back leg fly over and land right next to it. Ideally landing you square to home plate. Some pitchers do this well. Greg Maddux. Kenny Rodgers. Chris Carpenter. Some pitchers don't.

Bob Gibson threw harder than most people ever have, but it wasn't always graceful like mad dog. He twisted and turned and when he landed he had so much momentum that his back side flung his entire body of to the first base side of the mound. He still managed to get guys out though. I'm not Bob Gibson. Although my landing has a tendency to be wild and exaggerated just like his, I would be better suited to stick my landing and improve my command. Don't worry...I'm working on it.

This made me think of life in those terms. Am I content to stick my landing when it comes to the decisions in my life, or am I always trying to get a little bit extra out of every situation, sending my life flailing out of direction? When I try to overthrow it doesn't do me any good. I don't throw any harder, I have worse command, worse movement, and find myself in a bad fielding position afterwards. Isn't that kinda what we do in life. We try for that extra little bit of money or temporary satisfaction only to sacrifice certain things. Deep fulfilling relationships. Loyalty. Rest. Love. We go go go and find ourselves in a bad position when life hits something back at us. Gaining something temporary has not only been futile, but it has also forfeited us the chance to make the play and get the out. I mean, isn't that what pitching is all about...getting outs?

Let's all do ourselves a favor. Slow it down. Be content with what you've been blessed with. Stick your landing. Make the play.

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