Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week 2 in the Books

If you saw my tweet from the other day then you know that this is the time of year where a ballplayer's body is fighting itself...hard. Our minds have gotten into the routine of playing/throwing everyday; unfortunately, our bodies (or maybe just mine) is still lagging behind. Between sleeping on different beds 3-4 days a week, riding on a bus for hours at a time, lifting/throwing/running, my whole body is feeling very very middle-aged (no offense to you actual middle-agers).

I know that my body will adjust and get itself back on track, I'm just hoping I can hold out until then. Unlike high school or college ball where every game is the most important game and you prepare like there's no tomorrow, in pro ball you have to prepare like there's 140 more games to go. You learn to take days off from throwing or abbreviate your conditioning program where you can. Not because you're lazy or don't feel like working that day, but because you know your body better than anyone else. You know what the threshold is for your muscles and joints and you can't push the envelope everyday without risking the rest of your season. I've always known how to play's something you learn at an early age. I've had to learn, however, how to play/train smart.

On a semi-related note, we're now 10-2. On a totally unrelated note, it's awesome to have Big Leaguers in the clubhouse. We have a couple with us this week, Jason Bay and Ronnie Paulino. Both are total gentlemen. They treat us like equals, with respect. They joke around with us, play ping pong with us, and buy us dinner every once in a while. I can understand the temptation for guys like that to come in and feel like it is below them to get involved with the team, so I really respect these guys for being down-to-earth...real people, not just Big Leaguers. I'll take this chance to thank them both again for the killer post game spreads and thanks for setting a great example of how to play the game with class.

Also, just thought I'd throw in a picture of my frightening wife. The noodle sword and noodle mase at Target kept us entertained for exactly 3 minutes...Well Worth It!!!

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