Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011 in Ballpark Pics

I just landed here in sunny (hot) Arizona. "They" say it's a dry heat...still not sure who "they" are, though.

It has been a long, sometimes arduous, journey this season. Ashley and I have been lots of places, seen lots of people, and watched lots of baseball. I have a few pictures of the parks I've played in.

Hammond Stadium: Ft. Myers, FL

Jackie Robinson Ballpark: Daytona, FL

Easter Egg Hunt: Jupiter, FL

Captial Stadium: Akron, OH

NYSEG Stadium: Binghamton, NY

Gerry Uht Park: Erie, PA

Hadlock Field: Portland, ME

Fenway Park: Boston, MA

It really is a unique lifestyle. I move (at the least) every six months, leaving behind friends, family and on occasion even my wife. And all in the pursuit of a game. I get to meet new people and see places I wouldn't otherwise see. I eat crappy meals, sit on excruciatingly long bus rides and make a lousy paycheck. All in pursuit of a game. Now I'm here in Arizona, on a stage alongside some of the best ballplayers the world has to offer. Am I nervous? No chance! Like I said before, it's all in pursuit of a game.


  1. Jim from BinghamtonOctober 4, 2011 at 1:36 PM

    Best of Luck to Collin in the AFL. I got to see Collin pitch in Binghamton this year and his games are a pleasure to watch. Works fast on the mound, throws strikes, mixes speeds well, and is a pitcher's pitcher! Collin has one of the best curveballs I've seen in the minors. Collin, here's wishing you well...thanks for the great season in Binghamton, keep that curve in the strike zone and Buffalo, then Flushing is next...

    Rooting Hard for you!

    -- Jim from Binghamton

  2. I've sat in three of those stadiums, Fenway, Erie, & Akron. And have sat in all of the ballparks that you are going to be playing in during your upcoming tenure in the AFL.

    Best of luck to you in your "pursuit of a game"

  3. Roger Dean stadium, I love that place! Hopefully, you will be pitching there soon!!!

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