Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Minor League Spring Training Notes

It's been a few weeks since I've blogged and besides the SEO war I'm waging against myself, I feel bad for not keeping everybody updated on Spring Training. By everybody, I mean the thin slice of the Internet reading public that stumbles across this blog...this one goes out to you guys.

We've been weighed, measured, grouped, and fed...a lot. It kind of sounds like we're a bunch of cattle, but I can assure you we're not. Most of us are worth less per head. Thus far we have been separated into 4 groups (one for each of the full season clubs), and yours truly is in group 1 (the AAA group). At this point most of the minor league guys who started in major league camp are back with the rest of the Proletariat, meaning that the competition for jobs has truly begun. It's easy to get wrapped up in "who's going where", but the fact of the matter is that none of us has any clue.

This is a game based on performance and results will usually speak for themselves. Getting caught up in what the front office might do with players is for writers, reporters, and fans...not for us. I've seen players manage their expectations so poorly that when they inevitably get an assignment that they're not happy with it can ruin their season or worse yet, their career. Call me crazy, religious, or stupid if you want, but I am confident that God has my career figured out. He doesn't get surprised. He isn't hoping for a AAA rotation spot. In fact, the bible says He knows my needs before I have them. I'm confident that whatever results are produced on the field and whatever decisions are made off the field, my career is in His hands. My only job is to work hard, love the people around me, and trust. All of which I'm working on.

But I digress...

We've started playing games against people in different uniforms (VERY different in the case of the Marlins). We play basically two teams on a daily rotating basis. The defending World Champion St. Louis Cardinals and the recently rebranded Miami Marlins. By the end of Spring Training I should know every player in both organizations. What they like to hit, what they don't like. Where they play. What color their hair is. What they eat for lunch. I'll be a human scouting bureau.

I've had one outing thus far: 3 innings. 5 hits (calm down, they were all singles). 0 bb. 2 K's. 1 run. As I tweeted, Mark Cohoon and Dylan Owen ruined my grading curve and bumped me down to a B with their A+ performances. Jerks. My mindset is much better this Spring than in past years. I'm taking my own advice from a previous post and focusing on controlling only what is in my power to control. It's slowing the game down and narrowing my focus on every pitch. Sounds easy in theory. I'll let you know how it plays out in the reality of game-speed situations.

On a side note, I might be used as a sports consultant for an article in one of my favorite online publications, Bearings for Men. It's a southern take on all things manly. It's boss. I'll keep you posted on it's release. In the meantime, check my day-to-day nonsense on Twitter. It gets a laugh like a quarter of the time.

Any baseball, life, or ping pong related questions? I'll answer any and all.


  1. you probably need to credit your use of "boss" to your boss wife. just saying.

  2. Collin,

    I just thought you should know, today might be the first day you were ever drafted onto a fantasy team which counts only major league statistics. The league is very deep, and we have dedicated roster spots for developing minor league players, but don't let that take away from the moment. You have two fans out here in cyberspace (co-owners) who are total baseball nerds and are watching your outings and progress closely, betting on you to become a productive major leaguer. You'll have a roster spot year in and year out with us, so best of luck with your career. We'll be watching and rooting for you.

    And truthfully, part of the reason we drafted you was your use of the word boss as an adjective, so your wife can take partial credit for this day as well.


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